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In this section of the website you will find details of our pre-treatments and their prices. We pride ourselves on offering patient-centred care, and this care begins from the moment you make your first enquiry. The consultation with Dr Talha Shawaf is a key stage of the treatment process, and the initial consultation can be completed either in person at our Harley Street clinic or over the phone. We have also detailed our monitoring fees and the costs of the tests that we offer.

Once the consultation and testing stages are complete, we will discuss the cost of your planned treatment in more detail. Prices for licensed treatments with our chosen centres – Care CRM London and Herts and Essex Fertility – will be given to you and are available on application or by visiting their individual websites.

Prices are subject to change and we recommend contacting our team directly for the latest fees for both pre-treatments and treatments.

Payments are to be made prior to appointments and the start of therapy.

Consultation Fees

New patient consultation £225
(40 minute appointment)

Extended new patient consultation £250

Follow up consultation £190

Telephone consultation £80

Monitoring Fees

Ovulation induction cycle £450 (up to 3 scans) £600 (4+ scans)
(these scans are carried out by Dr Talha Shawaf)

Monitored cycle (natural) £85 per scan
(up to a maximum of 4 scans)
Any extra scans required will be charged at £50 per scan
(scans carried out by cds)

Tests For Tubal Patency And Uterine Cavity

HyCoSy/HSS £425
(Test carried out by Dr Talha Shawaf and Bill Smith)

Saline Infusion Sonography (SIS) £295
(Test carried out by Dr Talha Shawaf and Bill Smith)

Trial Embryo Transfer £30

Sperm Testing At CRM London

Semen Analysis £110
Semen Analysis with Preparation £170

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