Pre-conception Care with Dr Talha Shawaf

If you are trying for a baby and want to give yourself the best possible chance of conceiving – and of having a healthy baby – pre-conception care can provide the good foundation that you need for a successful pregnancy. It is important for women to have tests done in pregnancy, prior to conception.

Many of our patients seek Dr Talha Shawaf’s expert advice on all aspects of pre-conception care, having tests to ensure health as an infection screen, looking at the health of the reproductive organs as well as hormones including thyroid hormones, particularly if they are having difficulty conceiving or have pre-existing medical conditions which could affect any potential pregnancy.

Couples with a risk of familial hereditary diseases require reassurance about the risks of passing on these conditions. Switching to a healthier diet and taking better care of your body are just two of the ways you can prepare for pregnancy, and this pre-pregnancy care isn’t just for women. Men too can benefit from pre-conception care, and by making a few simple changes and receiving some professional medical advice from Dr Shawaf, both partners can help to improve the chances of having a healthy baby.

Care Tailored to You

Different people need to prepare for conception and pregnancy in different ways, and at Harley Street Reproductive Medicine, Dr Talha Shawaf can tailor a care plan to match your individual needs and the demands of your lifestyle. Visiting our clinic is the best step to take if you are planning to start a family and want to ensure that both you and your partner are in the best possible health prior to conceiving, or if you have been struggling to conceive and need some professional support with making some improvements to your lifestyle.

Pre-conception planning is an essential part of preparing to have a baby, and can make a big difference to your ability to conceive. If you would like more information about how Dr Shawaf can help before you begin trying for a baby, contact us today.

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