Embryo Examination Results with Dr Talha Shawaf (2014-2015)

These embryo examination results from Dr Talha Shawaf have been compiled from Jan 2014 – May 2015

Ongoing pregnancy (Delivered or over 20 weeks gestation) per embryo transfer:

Age of Patients / Success %
< 35 / 60%
35 – 37 / 63%
38-39 / 71%
<40 / 67%

40- 41 / 60%
42-43 / 50%
>44 / 0
>40 / 39

All ages: 58%

The results listed above are per embryo transfer (ET), which include frozen embryo transfers (FET).

The reason for choosing a rate by ET and including FET, is that selective couples are advised to freeze all their embryos and then transfer frozen embryos less hormonally over stimulated cycles. This is the case particularly in women over 35 years of age.

The reason for the high rate of ongoing pregnancy in women over 35 years is the wider use of comprehensive chromosome screening of all embryos (CCS, also called PGS) and selecting an embryo to transfer. CCS may as we have experienced show that in all the embryos, may screen abnormally resulting in no transfer. Our experience has shown that this may be encountered in a cycle but is not repetitive and when treatment is repeated, normal embryos can be.

Banking embryos in women who develop few oocytes is a further option offered.  We provide consecutive cycles of treatments (3-4). A specific stimulation schedule is followed without the need to wait for months to limit the time and to allow adequate number of embryos to be frozen. These will then be screened (CCS) and normal embryos will be transferred. This will reduce the time and cost of screening the embryos. Embryo banking has the risk that embryos may be lost in the thawing process and when CCS is used normal embryos may not be present.

The advantage to a couple in being cared for by a single consultant performing the consultation, planning, and the clinical procedures is that the treatment also encorporates highly skilled laboratory scientists and laboratory technology which will help give the couple an assured feeling that they will be offered the best care in their IVF and ICSI treatments. While the utilisation of the advancing technology of CCS ensures that success rate in having a child is reduced per transfer (reducing the failures of the fresh and frozen) and therefore reducing miscarriage.

This article has been written by Dr Talha Shawaf, leading IVF Fertility Treatment consultant at The Harley Street Reporductive Medicine Clinic.


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