Important Notice

Along with others, reproductive medicine professionals and fertility specialists are conscious of an unprecedented viral pandemic. We understand the stress and emotions women and their partners go through when they embark on fertility journey, the COVID-19 epidemic compound the stress. We place safety during treatment, pregnancy and baby safety  at the front.

Dr Talha Shawaf is limiting direct contact to the  necessary. If you are requesting consultations as a new patient or an existing one, Dr Shawaf can be available on phone or Skype.

We understand patients’ time-sensitive aspirations to achieve a pregnancy and can offer a plan to resume initiation of comprehensive fertility care as soon as safe.

Welcome to Dr Talha Shawaf Reproductive Medicine Clinic

About Us

Choosing to undergo fertility treatment is a considerable decision for any couple or individual to make, and requires expert advice and professional support to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. We encourage that your life should not stop when you are receiving treatment, which is why we try to be flexible and to provide treatments in a way which least disrupt family and work responsibilities.

Whether you are looking to gain some initial advice, to start treatment or you have undergone treatment before, Dr Talha Shawaf will assist and be on hand throughout the process with compassion and care. Dr Shawaf offers individualised, patient centred treatment plans, with one on one care throughout, together with the unusual step of email access directly to Dr Shawaf.  All consultations and scans are with Dr Shawaf (or in his absence with a highly qualified consultant) providing you with a bespoke fertility service.

Who we are

Dr Shawaf is a highly qualified consultant in gynaecology, reproductive medicine and fertility. He has been practicing for 35 years as a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist and 30 years in general fertility care, reproductive medicine/assisted reproduction techniques as IVF and related therapies. When visiting the clinic you will receive one to one, centred care in comfortable surroundings.

Our Accreditations & Research

Dr Shawaf has more than eighty contributions to peer-reviewed publications. All of this demonstrates his experience; the experience that you can take advantage of when you come to Harley Street Reproductive Medicine.


What we do

Reproductive Medicine is a specialist gynaecological branch. It encompasses a large section of Women Health Care. It covers care of the infertile (sub fertile) couple in all its aspects from initial assessments to find a cause, medical, surgical and assisted reproduction technologies as in vitro fertilisation, fertility advice for women with cancer and latest advances in this branch.

Reproductive Medicine also covers gynaecological endocrinology (hormonal dysfunction) as polycystic ovarian syndrome, menstrual irregularities and menopause.

Our style and dedication brings patient centred care, and rests on a foundation of specialist medical evidence. We offer complementary health care options from our associates as we focus on your complete wellbeing health.

We provide information enabling you to make an informed decision.

Statement of Purpose

Harley Street Reproductive Medicine  (HSRM) aims to deliver a patient experience characterised by comfort and respect for the patient’s individual needs and views.

Our goal is to deliver high quality care that provides patients with the best possible outcomes, based on a holistic approach combining modern medical expertise and complementary therapies to support the medical requirement.

Dr Shawaf practice is regularly inspected by the CQC.

Our Mission

Harley Street Reproductive Medicine strives to provide patient care which is second to none.

With treatments ranging from natural improvement to the use of cutting edge technology, we can offer you a variety of options, and will always keep each patient’s wishes in focus.

We offer you the opportunity to have care from a senior consultant throughout. We have the expertise and experience to advise on even the most complex of cases, and will aim to reach a diagnosis both safely and quickly before putting together a personalised treatment plan with your needs in mind.

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