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At Harley Street Reproductive Medicine, Dr Talha Shawaf specialises in providing a wide range of gynaecological and reproductive medicine treatments, tailored to each individual patient.

We pride ourselves on offering patient-centred care which puts your needs first, and as Dr Talha Shawaf is recognised as one of the top fertility specialists in the UK, you can feel confident that you are in safe hands when you visit the clinic, which is conveniently located in Harley Street, London.

We ensure a personalised, one-to-one experience with Dr Talha Shawaf, who works with you to plan for your future. Our services include consultations on fertility care, and treatments including fertility assessment and tests, IVF and other assisted reproduction therapies, pre and early pregnancy care, menopause management and treatments for a range of gynaecological conditions.

Whatever your individual needs, we will offer one to one care which is tailored to you, and which can consist of a single type of treatment or a combination of two or more approaches to achieve the desired results including complementary and nutritional support

Whether you have been disappointed with the service offered by another centre, or you are looking for a leader in the field of reproductive medicine, contact us today to find out why so many people trust the Dr Talha Shawaf and the team at Harley Street Reproductive Medicine to take care of their fertility and gynaecological health.

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Harley Street Reproductive Medicine strives to provide patient care which is second to none.

With treatments ranging from natural improvement to the use of cutting edge technology, we can offer you a variety of options, and will always keep each patient’s wishes in focus.

We offer you the opportunity to have care from a senior consultant throughout. We have the expertise and experience to advise on even the most complex of cases, and will aim to reach a diagnosis both safely and quickly before putting together a personalised treatment plan with your needs in mind.

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